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Frederik Dhondt

Frederik Dhondt

Project Collaborator CLPS, PhD Students


Frederik Dhondt (born in Ghent, Belgium, 1994) is a PhD researcher. Since 2019, he is conducting the project 'Changing Tools: An In-Depth Study of the Development of Isaac Newton's Optical Methodology' at the Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science (CLPS) under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Steffen Ducheyne.
This project focuses on the scientific methodology Isaac Newton employed in his optical researches and tracks the changes that occured in it during his memorable career. The general theme of the project is developing an account of Newton's methodology that focuses on its dynamic contents to counter the emphasis on its static elements in the contemporary literature. The project belongs predominantly to the realm of history of scientific methodology, but homes many more aspects of Frederik's philosophical interests: history and philosophy of science, (historical) epistemology, historiography and (history of) metaphysics.
These research interests were shaped during Frederik's education at Ghent University where he accrued the following degrees in philosophy: Bachelor (2017), Master (2018) and interuniversitary Research Master (2019). His main focus during these years was on philosophy of science, history of science and physics (minor Physics & Astronomy).


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