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Dan Li

Dan Li

Research Affiliate, Postdoctoral Scientists


Dan Li (born in Guilin, China, 1988) is a PhD researcher. She holds a bachelor’s degree (2010) and master’s degree in law (2013) from China University of Political Science and Law. From September 2016 she started as a PhD researcher at Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science (CLPS) under the promotion of Prof. Cornelis. 

Her research interest concerns research misconduct, comparative studies, research integrity, and scientific values. Research misconducts and other questionable research practices have been discussed in many countries. However, research has shown that heterogeneities in research misconducts exist across countries. In her research project, she explores the cultural differences in scientific activities between China and Belgium. 

In order to explore the differences regarding research integrity, she performs both quantitative and qualitative studies. Her research project focuses on comparing 1) researchers’ perception of research misconducts and questionable research practices; 2) how research misconducts are defined and handled by governments and research institutions; 3) the interactions of relevant factors, i.e. individual, environmental and structural; 4) how researchers perceive research integrity and scientific values; 5) what scientific values are prioritized and how.


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