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About Us

Research within CLPS is organised around two clusters:

The philosophy of mathematical practices

The development of a descriptive, empirically informed, philosophy of mathematics, with a focus on mathematicians as fallible knowledge workers. This includes research on mathematical and scientific cultures, cultures of proof, virtues in mathematics, diagrammatic reasoning, ethnomathematics, mathematics education; mathematical, statistical and data literacy, etc.

The history & philosophy of early modern science

The history and philosophy of early modern science with a focus on scientific methodology. Current research centres on inter alia Isaac Newton's scientific methodology, including its reception and development, on the appropriation of Newton's natural philosophy in the Dutch Republic, on ‘the’ ‘Scientific Revolution’, on the mathematisation in physics, on the origins and evolution of empiricism, and on the philosophy of induction (Bacon, Reid, Whewell, Mill, etc.).

Featured Publications

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